E.J.S.P. - VOL. 2 N° 1/2

di Direttore: Prof.ssa Maria Beatrice Ligorio

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Alessandro Antonietti

Conceptions of teaching and learning at school and university: Similarities, differences, relationships and contextual factors
Gillian M. Boulton-Lewis

On the nature of epistemologies: making explicit hidden assumptions through analysing instrument design
Theo J.H. Niessen, Jan D. Vermunt, Tineke A. Abma, Guy A.M. Widdershoven, Cees P.M. van der Vleuten

Teacher-child relationship: A meeting of minds
Flavia Lecciso, Olga Liverta-Sempio, Antonella Marchetti

Effects of educational culture and teaching experience on teachers’ beliefs
Ottavia Albanese, Pierre-André Doudin, Caterina Fiorilli, Roberta Garbo

Approach to learning in the primary school: Mathematics compared to language instruction
Manuela Cantoia

Conceptions of learning and use of cultural media
Sonia Perèz-Tello, Alessandro Antonietti, Olga Liverta-Sempio, Antonella Marchetti

Intelligence, educational practices and school reform: Organisations change, representations persist
Felice Carugati, Patrizia Selleri

At the crossroads: The development of epistemological beliefs and historical thinking
Liliana Maggioni, Patricia Alexander, Bruce VanSledright