E.J.S.P. - VOL. 4 N° 2

di Direttore: Prof.ssa Maria Beatrice Ligorio

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Special Issue

The making of a Psychologist: a school for life in the profession
Edit by Jaan Valsiner and Sergio Salvatore

Editorial Introduction

“Am I really a Psychologist?”. Making sense of a super-human social role
Sergio Salvatore and Jaan Valsiner

Part I. Trajectories of making of psychologists

Observing the transformation of the Clinical Psychology
in the U.S.: Between Education and Training
Roger Bibace

Psychology Training in Italy
Renzo Carli

Psychology Curriculae and the Challenge of Bologna:
An Answer from a Cultural Science Perspective
Thomas Slunecko, Aglaja Przyborski and Gerhard Benetka

Human Development Reconsidered:
A New Master’s Program in the Making
Dankert Vedeler

Part II. Trajectories of becoming a psychologist

Identity Construction of Psychology Students:
Professional Role in the Making
Katrin Kullasepp


The Tragedy of Contemporary Psychological Education or
Looking at Kullasepp’s Study from the Other Side of the Moon
Viktor Allakhverdov

Processes and Contexts of the Construction of Professional Identity
Mario Carretero and Marcelo Borrelli

Becoming a Professional Psychologist: Entering a New Cultural World
Antonio Iannaccone

An Instructive Exploration under Methodological Thinking.
Comment on Katrin Kullasepp Identity construction of
psychology students
Xiao Wen Li

Development, Change or Transformation: How Can Psychology
Conceive and Depict Professional Identify Construction?
Tatsuya Sato


Becoming Professional: External and Intrapsychological
Level in the Service of
Professional Identity Construction of
Psychology Students

Katrin Kullasepp

Part III. Trajectories of being a psychologist in practice

The Psychotherapist’s Social Role under a Dialogical Perspective:
A Study of the Personal Construction of ‘I as Psychotherapist’
Sofia Tavares, João Salgado and Miguel Gonçalves


Psychotherapist at Dialogue:
Passing through Microgenetic Trajectories
M. Teresa del Río and M. Elisa Molina

A Provocative Striptease:
The Empirical Body behind Conceptual Clothes
Ingrid E. Josephs

Psychotherapist as Any Other Profession:
A Commentary on Tavares et al. Paper
M. Beatrice Ligorio

Constructing Psychotherapists’ Social Roles
Gianni Montesarchio and Claudia Venuleo

Systemic Perspectives on How simultaneous Dialogical
Relationships Create the Self of the Therapist
Peter Stratton

Emergence and Development of I-positions in the
Dialogical Self Theory
Toshio Sugiman


Commentary on Commentaries:
A space for Dialogue among different Perspectives
Ruggero Ruggeri