A psychosocial approach

di Anna Costanza Baldry

Isbn: 978-88-87958-11-4
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Bullying in schools is common and seriously increasing. Research findings are not always consistent in addressing the explanation and possible correlates of such behaviours. Individual, personal dimensions seem to play a central role but family factors are also relevant. The seriousness of bullying, its impact and consequences have often been underestimated. Teachers, parents and other significant adults fail to acknowledge its complex nature or to provide adequate responses for a safer environment in schools. Bullying is often viewed as a "normal" interaction between peers and as harmless teasing that helps children to grow, to show strenght, and to stand up for themselves.

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Section I - Theoretical Background

Chapter I - Introduction

Chapter II - Literature Review

Section III- The Research Project 

Chapter IIII- Bullying And Its Correlates

Chapter IV - A Qualitative Analysis Of Students' Account On Bullying 

Chapter V - Conclusion And Discussion



Anna C. Baldry has obtained her first doctorate in Social Psychology from the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy, and her second doctorate in Criminology from the University of Cambridge, UK. She is Currently conducting research in the field of Social Psychology and Law at the National Institute of Static and at the Free University of Amsterdam. She lectures Social Psychology at the Second University of Naples. Her research interests are in bullying, juvenile delinquency and its prevention and on victimological issues such as domestic violence and on the trauma consequences of abuse on women. Dr. Baldry has published articles in National and International scholarly Journals and has written several book chapters. Recent Articles appeared in Child Abuse and Neglect, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Criminological and Legal Psychology, Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, and Aggressive Behavior. She also contributed to the "Global Perspective Series" of books published by Greenwood Press on Social Issues such as teen violence and domestic violence. She has been awarded the Young research scholar award from the European Association of Psychology and Law.